Former Department of Justice Investigator Launches Independent Firm, Holovach & Co. LLC, To Provide Investigative and Private Security Services

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gareth Holovach, a former Department of Justice Criminal Investigator with over two decades of experience conducting complex multinational criminal investigations, today has announced the formation of Holovach & Co. LLC (, an independent investigations and private security firm based in New York. The firm was founded to meet the increasing global demand for investigative and security services in today’s rapidly changing world, where the legal and regulatory landscape present new challenges requiring reliable expert, targeted and discreet services.

The investigations and security industries are extremely fragmented, being serviced by either large consultancies or smaller operators with little diversification across multiple service areas. Holovach & Co. will be positioned for growth by providing a premium suite of services to our clients, with the professional staff capable of offering clients a bespoke set of solutions for any issues they face around the world.

Holovach & Co.’s investigations practice will be led by Gareth and supported by a team of corporate investigators and forensic financial analysts consisting of former Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service investigators, a former US federal and state prosecutor, and additional former state and local law enforcement personnel. For the last twenty years Gareth has worked closely with the US Attorney’s Offices in both the Southern and Eastern District of New York, and the District Attorney’s office in Manhattan.

Gareth is known for his tenacious pursuit of the facts, his critical thinking and creative approach, and his ability to leverage his relationships and network to get the answers needed. While at the DOJ, Gareth successfully developed and implemented creative investigative strategies for some of the most challenging money laundering and banking cases the government faced. He now brings his investigative know-how and his relationships and network to the private sector through the namesake firm he has founded. “The team I have assembled has the depth, knowledge and experience to help our clients navigate complex and unique situations around the globe. We work behind the scenes to make sure our clients get the facts they need to support their positions and further their opportunities.”

About Holovach & Co. LLC

The firm will be providing bespoke services to the world’s leading law firms, as well as boutique law firms with specialty practices, major financial institutions, hedge funds, high-net worth individuals, family offices, real estate investment trusts, sports organizations, and the music and entertainment industry.

The Holovach & Co. team offers our clients a single source to handle their global risk management and security concerns.

Holovach & Co’s investigations practice handles a broad range of issues including due diligence investigations, civil and criminal defense litigation support, employee background investigations, asset tracing, crisis management, business intelligence, and internal corporate investigations.

Our security professionals develop specific strategies to assist clients with identifying, assessing, and understanding their security risk exposure. We deliver bespoke protection services to corporations and individuals, protecting both people and property across all environments. We handle each engagement, whether long term or a responsive matter, with the level of attention and discretion required to mitigate any risk concerns our clients may face.


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