TLC and Limestone FX Join Forces to Win the First Battle

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2020 /In early 2020, a sudden financial crisis resulting from the COVID-2019 pandemic caused unprecedented panic and turmoil in the global financial market. Considering the seven consecutive declines and four halts of the US stock market, collapse of the crude oil futures market, mess of the bond market and the gold market, and sharp drop in the exchange rates of many currencies, such as the British pound and Australian dollar, the investment risks have risen significantly. Even the US Federal Reserve’s “zero interest rate + unlimited QE” economic stimulus policy doesn’t work. As is known to all, the whole world is in an economic recession.

As the inflection point of the pandemic is unpredictable and the economic fundamentals and market trends are uncertain, different countries have further launched monetary easing policies. In the short term, such measures have eased the market panic and the tension of capital flows but impacted the foreign exchange market and caused unprecedented large-scale currency fluctuations. Furthermore, as economic impacts will eventually manifest themselves in exchange rate fluctuations, foreign exchange volatility will continue to exist in the coming year. Such uncertainties render both risks and chances to investors.

Judging from the market conditions in the past few months, during the halt of the global economy resulting from the COVID-2019 pandemic, foreign exchange hedge funds tended to perform better than other investment modes on the market, and the volatility of exchange rates brought about a return much higher than that on the bond market, which means that the corresponding portfolio investment with the risk hedging thinking can avoid and resolve investment risks to a certain extent and generate income steadily. Therefore, foreign exchange hedge funds have undoubtedly become the most promising means of financial investment and an ideal choice for investors to increase investment income. To this end, TLC announced its cooperation with the broker Limestone FX under the international financial advisory agency Aplex V.A. (AVA) to jointly launch the PAMM3 foreign exchange trust fund.

Limestone FX is an Australian ASIC-regulated foreign exchange broker, and an innovative financial service organization beginning with serving the Australian and European markets. It has rich management experience, excellent investment technology, a stable risk management system and a high standard customer service system. Over the years, Limestone FX has achieved countless outstanding results in asset allocation, trading strategy design, investment income realization, etc., with the great trust and support from investors.

In addition, as a world-leading technology-driven foreign exchange trading platform, TLC has the professional advantages and advanced technological strength to seek long-term development on the foreign exchange market. This cooperation between the two parties will undoubtedly become an important driving force for Limestone FX to enter and get a foothold on the Asian market. It is conducive to accelerating Limestone FX to become a global new foreign exchange broker star by integrating TLC’s strong scientific research strength and Limestone FX’s excellent management capabilities, and promoting the development of their own strength with technological innovations.

This investment fund aims to make use of the risk control guarantee advantage of the foreign exchange hedging mechanism, configure a diversified fund investment portfolio, and realize the preservation and appreciation of wealth for global investors through stable absolute returns and long-term compound interest growth. Thanks to the excellent investment operations of both parties and the strong investment advantages of hedge funds, PAMM3 foreign exchange trust fund has continuously achieved good results in the complex and changeable market environment since its launch, bringing significant profit returns for many investors. Its broad investment prospects have also attracted the global investors’ attention and increased their confident.

On the occasion of the recession of the global financial market, the cooperation between LimestoneFX (affiliated to AVA) and TLC have undoubtedly opened up more possibilities for the investment trend of the financial trading industry. The launch of the PAMM3 foreign exchange trust fund can meet the urgent needs of investors for asset allocation optimization and the general trend of the age. It is hoped that the two parties will cooperate sincerely in the future on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win development, integrate their respective resources and channels, complement each other’s advantages, empower each other to expand business development space, optimistically respond to extreme market conditions, and bring more and better products and services to global financial investors.

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