Brookfield Euroswiss Crossed the 4.8 Billion Euro and Breaks Its All-Time Revenue Record for This Period of the Year

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2020 / Thanks to the COVID19 and the agility of Brookfield EuroSwiss management, the Swiss holdings and asset management giant, breaks its own record of revenue in relative to this time of the year and demonstrates significant and sharp take off, of the profits since the beginning of the year. With no bank involved as quick response was a must, Brookfield EuroSwiss injected over 2.5 Billion EUR within less than a month.

When the COVID19 just started Brookfield – EuroSwiss analysts was among the pioneers to recognize the up coming demand for medical devices and masks.

Thanks to its agile management quick shift has been made and massive resources has been invested in purchasing billions of medical products, among them: Masks, breathing support machines, thermometers and more.

Quick enough Brookfield EuroSwiss become one of the most trusted, COVID19 related, medical devices provider.

While Brookfield Euroswiss injected over 2.5 billion EUR, the required capital to finance the transactions, BrideBond Securities was leading the logistic operations, purchase and provided billions of COVID19 prevention and treatment medical devices almost to any continent.

Once again Brookfield EuroSwiss demonstrates that next to its solid portfolio, including Real Estate, infrastructures, and technology being Alert and response immediately, results significant influence on profits as just happened in Brookfield-EuroSwiss.

The big beneficiaries are of course Brookfield Investors and Bridgebond – Securities share holders.

With credibility and Swiss record of success for over 50 years and billions of fund that accumulated in to Brookfield EuroSwiss balance, it is sure interesting to follow and see what will be the next opportunity Brookfield management will notice few steps before everyone else.

Till then, the investors can be happy and satisfied, Brookfield made it again, despite the COVID19.

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