Ozone Shock Treatment Raises House Prices by Eliminating Curry Odors

CE Odor Removal uses Industrial Grade Ozone Generation to Neutralize Leftover Smells by Previous Tenants

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2019 / Calamus-Enterprises.com are delighted to announce the expansion of CE Odor Removal into the private sector. Designed to eliminate odors with medical and military grade precision, the company launches its Ozone Shock Treatment in private homes and commercial properties across Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Florida, Los Angeles and Chicagoland. Our strategic partner OdorKillerPro.com operates in North Carolina.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO Mike Calamus reports, “Our custom-made, industrial grade Ozone Generators attack the root cause of lingering odors. Nature’s organic power of cleaning, Ozone, banishes undesirable smells from your home forever. Ensuring curry odors no longer hinder the sale of your property.”

Cooking curry at home will leave nasty lingering smell behind. Photo: ©Joshua Resnick Рstock.adobe.com

Removal of curry odor is no easy task, as the complex combination of spices and herbs can spread through the property like wildfire and linger for years. Realtors and property owners instantly lose money, or even sales when potential buyers step through the door to a pungent aroma of curry spices. The only way to completely banish this smell is to destroy the source on a molecular level.

CE Odor Removal’s team of expert technicians utilize the power of Ozone as the most effective natural sterilizer, that will inactivate any organic contaminant on contact. Whether it’s leftover curry molecules, cigarette smoke or even burnt remnants from a kitchen fire, Ozone generation eliminates the source at a cellular level, leaving no trace of the odor.

“Having worked with military, hospitals and government agencies across the US, we decided to bring CE Odor Removal to home and business owners. Every indoor space from automobiles and offices to homes and large commercial properties are suitable for Ozone Shock Treatment. Our top of the line, industrial grade Ozone Generators are 10x more powerful than any shop bought or rented alternative, providing you with a premium service that when done correctly, is guaranteed to eliminate all odors,” reports Calamus.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to odor removal, taking up to 48 hours for the Ozone Shock Treatment to completely erase all unwanted smells. CE Odor Removal offers fully trained, highly experienced staff to perform this task and deliver this service to your door.

For more information or to speak directly with your local technician, visit https://www.odorremoval.us/curry-smell-odor-removal/

SOURCE: Calamus Enterprises LLC

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