Can Jason Boyarski Help Moozicore to ink Licensing Deal With the Likes of Sony & Warner Music Group?

POZNAN, POLAND / ACCESSWIRE / July 4, 2019 / Moozicore is a background music streaming service which is all set for its 2019 Q3 launch. It seems the firm is looking to take the B2B entertainment and hospitality industry by storm with its licensed commercial music service. The firm has already launched the beta version of its applications for Android and iOS users so that they can test it before the official launch.

It is important to note that Moozicore is focused on B2B businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry and even though it is a streaming service, it won’t be competing with the likes of Spotify or Apple Music. The main reason being the business model, where Moozicore is more focused on the background music industry rather than being another music streaming service.

What is Moozicore?

Moozicore has decided to walk on a path less traveled and venture into the Media and Entertainment industry specifically in the field of background music. The firm promises to change the dynamics of the businesses which require background music and make it into an interactive customer sourced playlist. Unlike music streaming applications like Spotify or Tidal which are consumer-based and cannot be used for businesses like hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Moozicore, on the other hand, has been specifically developed to cater to these businesses and is fully licensed and legal for businesses of all kinds.

The background music is an essential part of more than 1 million operating venues in the United States as NRA 2019 Restaurant Industry Factbook shows. These businesses can really benefit from this kind of licensed service since customers tend to come back to a place where the music playlist is praiseworthy.

Moozicore Gets Jason Boyarski on Board To Help Them Ink Licensing Deals with Big 3 Record Labels.

Moozicore got famous lawyer Jason Boyarski on-board in March 2018 who is the top-rated lawyer in the media and entertainment industry and will be a legal representative of the firm. Boyarski has been rated as a top lawyer by the likes of Billboard, Super Lawyers, andNew York Magazine and boasts of years of business and legal experience in managing entertainment, media, technology and consumer goods industries.

Jason Boyarski is not just managing the legal affairs of the firm but also involved in negotiations for the licensing agreement with three major labels namely Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. As per the sources, Boyarski has been working for several months to get the licensing agreement approved with the US Performance Rights Organizations like ASCAP, SESAC, BMI as well.

Looking at the track record of Boyarski it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Moozicore manages to ink the deal with not just one but all three labels before the official launch in Q3 2019. Since we are not really far from the scheduled launched date, it would be interesting to note if Moozicore provides any update on the inking before or at the time of launch.

Since there Launch is set for Q3 2019, there could be some big news coming up in the next time

How Does Moozicore Services Function?

Moozicore comes with business as well as consumer applications whose beta version is currently available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The application can be used by the consumers at their favorite night club or bar where the app can be used by the consumers for a number of services. The mobile application provides the user with a power to vote for their choice of music, add new songs, request new songs as well as share it with the community.

The app also comes fully integrated with TV screens so that users can see the playlist and know which song is coming next

Users can also import their Spotify playlist directly onto the Moozicore application, thus making it extremely easy for the consumers to divulge in their choice of music at home as well as at their favorite restaurant or night club.

Moozicore boasts of the largest collection of licensed commercial music comprising of millions of songs. The firm also promises to update its massive music library with the latest hit on a daily basis. As per the revenue aspect of the business, the firm promises to pay 20% of every vote made by the consumers on the Moozicore app to the business place where the services will be used by the customers.

Moozicore services also comes with its own native token called MZG which would function quite similar to the ongoing increased trend of tokenization, where customers can utilize the MZG token for making payments within the application. The firm has also announced quite an interesting “Token Burn Program” where it promises to officially committing to buying back and burning MZG tokens on an ongoing basis.

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