Big Data Frontier Technology Forum, Everyone May Become a KOL (key opinion leader)

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2019 / On June 5 this year, at the Big Data Industry Conference2019 hosted by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, PERCENT won the “Star River Award, Excellent Big Data Product Award”.

In the era of we-media, everyone may become a KOL (key opinion leader).The great effects of the KOLs and the influence of social marketing drive many brand owners to advertise like this, but they don’t know where to start.

There are two main reasons: First, if KOL is not selected correctly, the flow may not be detonated, and social marketing is equivalent to “dumb gun”; second, there is no way to influence users accurately, the brand can not drive sales, and ultimately it can not form a sustained brand communication power.

Song Fuyuan(Edwin Song), Executive Vice President of InsightWorks

“The biggest confusion for brand owners is that they don’t know how to choose a social marketing platform and whether their brand’s audience matches KOL.” According to Song Fuyuan(Edwin Song), Executive Vice President of InsightWorks(a subsidiary of PERCENT, focuses on using Internet technology to provide enterprise customers with solutions to solve consumer behaviors and attitudes, thus providing data support for enterprise market decisions.), has more than 20 years’ rich experience in the field of market research who is mainly responsible for market strategy and product development of InsightWorks, it is necessary for a third party to collect, open and integrate platform data, KOL data and consumer data, and connect consumers’ online attention, discussion and final brand purchase behavior, so as to evaluate whether different KOLs and brand owners’ communication effects match or not.

As a professional third party data-intelligence-technology company, DeepQuest,created by PERCENT, a Chinese data intelligent technology enterprise with a complete big data and cognitive intelligence product line as well as intelligent decision-making application products in the industry, which, meanwhile, has created a rich industry solution and model base, and has a strong ability to build industry knowledge map, is a smart consumer insight system, can do all of this. DeepQuest serves as a powerful empowerment tool against the social marketing conundrum.

Solve the problem of how to make the best of online celebrity

The phenomenon of product sales created by Li jiaqi has aroused the attention and thinking of the industry.

According to Song, media channels in China are increasingly complex and fragmented, and consumers are keen to use social media in different ways to express their social opinions and form a unique online culture. Marketing is no longer a single line of communication.

Nowadays, enterprises begin to choose social media more and more, and use interpersonal contact to convey brand information. The purpose is to enhance interaction and make brands more accessible to the public. However, many companies underestimate the complexity of social marketing, thinking that hiring a celebrity or finding a web celebrity will lead to high conversion and even sales.

Not really.

Song states that when choosing a KOL, there is one more parameter, and that is when different KOL in different media, or even the same KOL in different media, his/her fan audience may be different.

According to Song’s analysis, whether the marketing goal is to convey information, sales transformation or deeper implantation, the correct choice of different KOL will have the effect of 1+1 > 2, and the different choice of KOL will lead to different touch rates.

“Brand owners need to work hard on the touch rate, so they need to conduct social marketing through different KOLs and their fans. Therefore, the step of screening platform and KOL becomes particularly important, which requires big data as proof to find the optimal combination.” Song concludes.

Facing the complex marketing environment, PERCENT takes the consumer insight as the core and observes consumers from social platforms such as Sina Weibo, WeChat, Postbar, the Little Red Book,Douyin, Zhihu,finding the commercial value of social data for enterprise business information monitoring, electricity business reputation monitoring,analysis, KOL and star shopping path analysis, hot social media monitoring, the precision sampling.

In short, DeepQuest can conduct research on the whole sample data and provide enterprises with a consumer insight platform combining large and small data. It is a one-stop solution to the consumer insight and research needs of enterprises before and after the launch of products.

Based on the core advantages of big data products and technologies built with dual-wheel drive, DeepQuest is targeted at multiple industry applications. DeepQuest is the first to cooperate with Jingdong to support all processes of product brand research including Jingdong big data information, providing comprehensive insight services to Jingdong’s 300 million users.

Up to now, DeepQuest has been used by tens of thousands of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and SMEs, including L ‘oreal, Pfizer, Darlie, Philips and KFC to enhance their innovative marketing capabilities.

“KOL economy” 5 Steps

Traffic dividend is gradually lost, the key to the success of social marketing is to play the role of KOL economy.

Song observes that the early operation of Weibo is to invite well-known entrepreneurs, stars and other KOLs to register Weibo and achieve the rapid growth of fans. Later, many brand owners followed the example of Weibo and promoted sales through KOL marketing.

According to a study by McKinsey, KOLs, which is trusted and sought after by consumers, has twice the communication and word-of-mouth benefits as paid advertising, and its retention rate is 37% higher than other ways.

KOLs makes full use of the communication advantages and influence of social media, and has become an indispensable means for brand owners to carry out brand marketing.

This is the bursting effect of KOL economy. But how can this be done?

Song finds that many brand owners don’t have a clear marketing target, at such times PERCENT will tell them: One can never become fat by one bite. They need to differentiate the primary and secondary goals and then gradually achieve them one by one.

At PERCENT, there is a 5A theory of KOL economic transmission path: Attention-focus, Appeal-like, Action-retweet, Advocacy-comment, Activation- activate.

Step 1: Trigger the “attention” of the brand.Trigger the collective onlookers of fans and Internet users, and further improve the brand’s exposure ability through KOL’s publicity of the brand;

Step 2: Arouse fans’ brand identity and “like” appreciation through KOL’s original and high-quality content;

Step 3: Spread out the brand information through the secondary “transfer” between fans, and realize the circle radiation like a virus;

Step 4: Guide consumers to leave comments, establish the relationship between brands and consumers, and realize the penetration of brand awareness from unawareness to awareness, from awareness to loyalty;

Step 5: “Stimulate” consumers’ purchasing desire and brand influence, and transform brand products into ho products through the foreshaping of the previous four steps.

Take the communication path analysis that PERCENT once did for an international skincare brand as an example, the client was faced with a challenge:his makeup lacked a clear image in the market then, so he targeted a series of lipsticks in the color”Attract-All-Men”, hoping to attract the target consumers of the post-80s and post-90s generation.

Based on this demand, 10 KOLs provided by customers are compared with KOLs on existing lists, and the top KOLs are selected according to 5A indicators. Meanwhile, PERCENT will study the tuning and brand proximity of these 10 KOLs and select three KOLs which can drive sales from upstream to downstream, and the sales promotion operation is carried out according to the overlap of fans of these three KOLs.Later, PERCENT will learn the specific number of products sold in EC. PERCENT will also send questionnaires to members after social marketing activities, in order to follow up after-sales satisfaction.

Please note that 「choosing the right KOL is half done for social marketing」, Song concludes.

How to choose high-quality KOLs? The methods of PERCENT are as follows: for new brands without popularity, they need to select some KOLs with high influence just to let the public know it;when the brand has enough popularity, the target is to「cut the grass」and select some consumer-type KOLs with strong ability to forward, comment and activate in the downstream.

Technology + data + product integration, empowering social marketing

Ultimately, the goal of social marketing is the sales transformation. However, even if KOL gathers tens of millions of fans, it may not bring the conversion rate of the same value. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the social communication path and form a broader communication coverage.

Song says:「This needs to do the secondary communication of social marketing. The main body of the secondary communication is KOLs’ fans, and a KOL with high-quality fans can really bring the brand from the user group to the public.」

From the above social marketing practice of international skincare brand,we can have a glimpse of this. And what forces are behind it?

According to Song, DeepQuest’s intelligent consumer insight system is divided into two parts: Social Quest and Mobile Quest.

Social Quest data collection platform is used to help brand owners collect behavioral data of consumers in various media including comments, keywords and purchasing tendency, then process and analyze these information to provide help for social marketing.

After gaining the information, Mobile Quest data acquisition platform, will choose the accounts of the consumers who have discussed brand keywords and recruit this group of people, the platform will outline the overlapping parts of consumers’ interests and buying tendency through their cognition to the brand. Then we can deduce the commonness of brand audiences in online discussion, and connect the audiences with potential KOLs.

Song stresses,「when brand owners know what their audience is discussing online, they need to screen KOLs according to their own goals. In addition to KOL’s exposure ability and attention rate, they also need to examine the quality of its content and fans.」

At this time, we can know whether fans agree with KOL’s content and fans’ circle radiation ability through thumb up and forwarding number. However, even if KOL’s fan group is large, if its content only stays in the fan community without detonating in a larger radiation range, then such social marketing is not completely effective.

Facing this situation, PERCENT aggregates data from two data collection platform Social Quest and Mobile Quest and combines big data with small data in the database of Membership Library, connecting the audience from the upstream to the downstream and the entire marketing behavior and service attitude, so as to accurately help brands to get audience preferences, screen and evaluate KOLs.

In long-term practice, PERCENT has accumulated mature experience and methodology. Song believes that 「brand owners who want to promote brand development and transform sales through social marketing must take three factors into consideration: media channels, KOL matrix and fan quality.」

Of course, each industry and company faces different problems, and DeepQuest’s solutions are different. PERCENT will help the consumers to achieve accurate coverage, high transformation, low cost social marketing according to actual needs of customers.

On the one hand, DeepQuest constructs business knowledge map with the industry label knowledge system, making the accuracy of information extraction reach more than 85%. DeepQuest, on the other hand, uses deep transfer learning technology to solve the problem of fewer annotated samples in actual business, so that the annotated data volume of emotional classification only needs 1/10 of the original volume, but the efficiency is improved by 10 times.

Now, this has been strongly demonstrated in many industries.

As a professional data visualization tool, DeepQuest can provide strong data insight in scenarios like the brand business and marketing activity monitoring analysis, product reputation analysis, KOL and hot stars monitoring, social media monitoring, consumption trends study,etc based on the theory of the combination of technology, data and scenario, so as to form a closed-loop intelligent marketing.

“What you see is what you need, what you see is what you get”, this is the ideal state of social marketing, and also the goal that PERCENT is committed to.

Currently, in the deep cultivation of products, PERCENT also invests in video and live data development besides pictures and texts. Mr.Song says this requires better technologies to make better text analysis, and even to connect offline behaviors, so as to multiply the effect of social marketing.

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