The Worldcom Public Relations Group Installs New Boards During Annual Global Meeting in Vienna

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#WorldcomPRThe Worldcom Public Relations Group, the leading global partnership of public relations firms, recently completed its Annual Global Meeting in Vienna, Austria where it formally installed its group and regional boards. Roger Hurni, Managing Partner, Off Madison Ave, Arizona, continued his second term as the Group Chair role and welcomed his new board during the Vienna meetings. Brad Fishman, Partner, Fishman PR, Chicago, IL will chair Americas Region; and Todor Ianev, Managing Partner Janev & Janev, Sofia, Bulgaria will chair EMEA.

“In building a partnership of the finest independent agencies in the world, we are also fortunate to be led by some of the finest PR minds and leaders of those agencies,” said Todd Lynch, Managing Director, The Worldcom Public Relations Group. “This strength in partnership produces strong board leadership. Roger Hurni, with Worldcom’s regional chairs and the new Group board members are poised to build on strong achievements of the last year which includes a strong new influx of partners via recruitment, strengthening our organizational finance and governance, implementation of our annual thought leadership initiative (Confidence Index Report) and ongoing business and marketing campaigns.”

“Worldcom is grateful for the leadership of our group and region boards,” said Hurni. “We are fortunate to have boards who provide passion, commitment and ongoing dedication to protecting and growing our thriving partnership of independent agencies.”

About The Worldcom Public Relations Group

The Worldcom Public Relations Group is the world’s leading partnership of independently owned public relations firms, with 143 offices employing some 2,000 staff in 115 cities across six continents. In total, Worldcom partners reported combined revenue of US$288 million last year from 3,034 clients. Established in 1988, the group was formed so that the strongest, most capable independent firms could deliver immediate impact and sustained value through the intelligent use of communications – wherever in the world a client needs support. Partners serve national, international and multinational clients, while retaining the flexibility and client-service focus inherent in independent agencies. Through Worldcom, clients have on-demand access to in-depth communications expertise from professionals who understand the language, culture and customs of the geographic areas in which they operate. Learn more about Worldcom at or by calling 1-800-955-9675.

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See board lists below:


2019-2020 Group Board



Roger Hurni, Off Madison Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Past Chair

Patrik Schober, PRAM, Prague, Czech Republic

Americas Region Chair

Brad Fishman, Fishman Public Relations, Northbrook, IL

EMEA Region Chair

Andras Nagy, Probako Communications, Budapest, Hungary


Errol Chapman, ENTERPRISE, Toronto, Canada


Stefan Pollack, Pollack PR Marketing Group, Los Angeles, CA

Business Development

Crispin Manners, Onva, Surrey, UK


Stephanie Paul, Phillips Group, Brisbane, Australia

Partner Engagement

Serge Beckers, Wisse Kommunikatie, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Knowledge Sharing/Practice Groups

Angelica Consiglio, PLANIN, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Asia Pacific At Large

Tom Van Blarcom, TQPR, Bangkok, Thailand

2019-2020 Americas Board



Brad Fishman, Fishman Public Relations, Northbrook, IL

Chair Elect

Monty Hagler, RLF Communications, Greensboro, NC

Past Chair

Sean Rossall, RW Jones, Pittsburgh, PA


Leah Mussay, True Digital Communications, Cleveland, OH

US Recruitment

Scott Willyerd, RW Jones, Pittsburgh, PA

LATAM Recruitment

Luis Avellanedo Ulloa, Realidades, Lima, Peru

Partner Engagement

William Beutler, Beutler Ink, Washington, DC

LATAM Retention

Beatriz Imenes, PLANIN, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Deb Vilchis, Fishman PR, Chicago, IL

Professional Development

Jessica Phelan, Vault, Philadelphia, PA


Cory Stewart, Cookerly PR, Atlanta, GA

At Large

Rhiannon Ruff, Beutler Ink, Washington, DC

2019-2020 EMEA Board



Todor Ianev, Janev & Janev, Sofia, Bulgaria

Past Chair

Andras R. Nagy, Probako Communications, Budapest, Hungary


Hans Karperien, InstiCOM, Brussels, Belgium

Business Development

Crispin Manners, Onva, Surrey, UK

Peer Review

Caroline Prince, Yucatan, Paris, France

New Membership

Corinna Voss, co-chair, HBI Helga Bailey, Munich, Germany

New Membership

Bjorn Mogensen, co-chair, Oxenstierna, Stockholm, Sweden


Serge Beckers, Wisse Kommunikatie, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Young Consultants

Andras R. Nagy, Probako Communications, Budapest, Hungary

Marketing Frederic Bolhorst, komm-passion GmbH




Todd Lynch

(904) 233-0123

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