Precision Wellness Pioneers Integrative Approach to Precision Health and Personalized Nutrition for Managing Cardiometabolic Health

A Comprehensive Solution that Integrates Multiomics to Drive Health
Insights and Nutritional Guidance for 360
Health Management

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Precision Wellness, a Silicon Valley-based company at the intersection
of next-generation AI, big data analytics and the latest medical
science, today announced plans to harness the power of multiomics to
deliver personalized health insights and a customized nutrition plan for
disease prevention and healthy aging.

Precision Wellness will bring together genomics, metabolomics,
microbiomics and nutrigenomics to deliver a complete multiomic health
assessment. This includes how an individual’s biology responds to food
and how food can be used as medicine.

We want to profoundly improve the way people manage their health by
transforming our understanding of an individual’s genetic and biological
data into relevant and actionable health insights and recommendations
using food-as-medicine,” explains Precision Wellness CEO Nazhin

A Broad, Integrated, Data-Driven Approach to Wellness

Precision Wellness uses conventional biomarkers as well as polygenic
risk scores to establish an unprecedented understanding of an
individual’s state of health. Unlike other genetics companies that
report the existence of a single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) without
demonstrating its relevance to the “true” risk of disease, Precision
Wellness’ proprietary algorithms employ the latest scientific and
evidence-based research to present relevant health risks accompanied by
actionable recommendations.

Precise health insights are extracted by a next-generation risk engine
designed on a foundation of the latest medical science. Powered by big
data and machine learning, prediction algorithms have been built for
cardiometabolic diseases. This AI-driven approach yields a high degree
of prediction accuracy.

In partnership with Stanford University and collaboration with Broad
Institute fellows, the Precision Wellness risk engine has been validated
across hundreds of thousands of patients tracked longitudinally.

Personalized Nutrition Based on Science

According to the American
Heart Association
, cardiometabolic diseases will affect more than 40
percent of the worldwide population in one form or another over the next
10 years. They are presently the #1
cause of death globally
. But Precision Wellness has a unique
approach to the solution.

Precision Wellness provides individuals with their 360-degree
assessment. This includes their current state of health, biological
propensities, lifestyle and environmental exposures as well as genetic
predispositions to cardiometabolic diseases. A highly curated food plan
is then developed to address the person’s health risk factors and

Early insights are critically important in changing the arc of a
disease — to prevent onset of new or delay progression of existing
disease. We are moving healthcare from the realm of reactive medicine to
proactive wellness” says Dr. Mehrdad Rezaee, President of Cardiac and
Vascular Care and Precision Wellness co-founder.

About Precision Wellness

Precision Wellness is a leading scientific wellness and technology
company that offers organizations and individuals an advanced,
integrative approach to managing their health through personalized
health insights and nutritional intervention. The data-driven Precision
Wellness analytic platform, powered by the latest in nutritional
science, multiomics and next-generation AI, offers the means to
manage health through “food as medicine,” preventing disease and
supporting healthy aging. In addition to serving individuals, our
platform is ideal for concierge clinics, large medical institutions,
corporate wellness and weight management programs, centers for medical
tourism, insurance companies, and other healthcare enterprises. To learn
more, visit


Malvika Behl

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