IOB LLC Announcing An Academic Research Grant Program

WILMINGTON, DE / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2019 / IOB LLC, a leading anti-fraud platform in global financial markets, is pleased to announce that it has set up a $150,000 annual research grant program in IOB Tokens to promote academic research, undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in the distributed ledger technology and financial market trading technology fields worldwide.

“New technologies with great potential for social and business applications are often promoted initially by the technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurial ‘evangelists.’ The great boom and bust of ICOs between 2017 and 2018 were the latest examples. However, we believe that the distributed ledger technology (DLT) that fueled much of the ICO mania will have a profound impact on the world economy, and we are building our anti-fraud platform, PoET, utilizing the blockchain for data authentication, ownership, and privacy controls,” said IOB LLC CEO Yale ReiSoleil.

“We realized that the entire blockchain industry is at its infancy. There are very few robust commercial and industrial applications readily available,” continued Mr. ReiSoleil. “Currently, there are few college courses on the subject of the distributed ledger technology given at an academic level worldwide.”

“Over half of all the market activities are conducted by some sort of automated program in most of the Western financial markets today,” added Uwe Zimmer, CEO of IOB Mesh Technology GmbH in Cologne, Germany. “Yet just as the case of the blockchain, there are very few college courses teaching theoretical and practical trading technologies. Another area we feel that will be of particular interest to the researchers is the role that the high-frequency trading plays in modern market manipulations. We would like to help fund academic research in this area too.”

“As academic institutions, we need to equip the new generation of young professionals with the skills that are necessary to utilize the potential of the emerging distributed ledger technology,” said Dr. Antonios Kaniadakis from Queen Mary University of London. “Beyond that, as researchers, we need to better understand the social mechanisms of diffusion of DTL to various sectors of the economy and to society more broadly.”

The grant for each research team or course ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 in IOB Tokens. It is not restricted to only existing programs or courses and is available to any universities globally. Interested professors or department program administrators are encouraged to contact IOB LLC on its website or write to

The proposal of this grant program has been praised widely by world’s leading financial market regulators, market researchers, and academic thinkers as a much-needed funding initiative at a time when most of the public’s perception of blockchain is largely only about Bitcoin, ICOs, and most of the hyped tokens are down 95% from their highest levels just a year ago.


IOB ( is a leading anti-fraud platform that focuses on financial market fraud detection, reporting, and analytics. IOB develops the Proof of Enquiries & Trades (PoET) compliance trading protocol integrated on multiple blockchains. IOB leverages its founders’ groundbreaking technologies and experience in ultra-high-frequency trading system development in the past 10 years to help stop the common, evolving and emerging methods used in financial market manipulations.

The proprietary market data processing technologies developed by IOB will provide a complete record of all market order enquiring and trading activities to market regulators, broker-dealers, market makers, funds, professional traders, and all other market participants who are involved in the stock, commodity and financial futures markets, as well as in the nascent crypto exchanges, around the world.




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